Yarra Yarra Rowing Club

Venue Hire Terms and Conditions

  1. The organiser will be the person named on the booking form or otherwise in control of the event. Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (YYRC) will direct all obligations to the organiser and the organiser will take personal responsibility for all aspects of compliance with these terms and conditions.
  2. YYRC does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to client's property, including hired equipment left prior, during or after a function.
  3. The signatory/ies is/are financially responsible for any damage to YYRC property and hired equipment brought in by clients, guests or outside contractors prior to, during or after a function.
  4. YYRC prohibits the use of tape, blu-tack, staples or drawing pins to display posters, hang decorations etc, on event room walls, ceiling and windows. Decorations must be approved prior to the event.
  5. YYRC has the right to request a refundable security deposit from the client and to refuse the full refund of the security deposit if repairs are required to YYRC property damaged prior to, during or after the function.
  6. It is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure that all relevant details of the function are properly disclosed or provided to YYRC including details as to the type of function, and the number of guests attending.
  7. YYRC will provide security guards at the hirers expense, for all non YYRC  functions.
  8. Organisers must provide a guest list for all functions, and must ensure that guests sign into the visitor book on arrival, to comply with the Club’s liquor license (refer to liquor license below) and Covid-19 government compliance. QR code facility available.
  9. Organisers must ensure bin liners are used and ALL rubbish is removed from the event room and placed in the skip at the rear of YYRC boat house at the end of the event.
  10. In the event that the shed is not left in an appropriate condition, a fee will be levied on the organizer for any and all costs associated with rectification of the boathouse, the Club's immediate surroundings and the precinct as a whole.
  11. Tables and chairs must be packed up at the conclusion of the function to allow for cleaning.
  12. Equipment brought into the function area for the event may be left overnight, but must be removed by 9am of the following day and then by arrangement with YYRC.
  13. Alcohol and beverages may only be purchased through YYRC and may only be served by a YYRC member who is RSA accredited.
  14. There is strictly no BYO alcohol at this facility.

Venue bookings

YYRC reserves the right to book other functions and events and to provide use of the YYRC boathouse function area to members, which may coincide with your event booking, except in the case of exclusive bookings.

No smoking venue

All areas of the YYRC premises are a strictly no smoking site (including the balcony). Smokers are requested to fully exit the building using the front stairs. Cigarettes should be fully extinguished before butts are placed in bins in the precinct area.

Alcolohic beverages

YYRC expressly forbids organisers from bringing alcohol onto the premises.

YYRC reserves the right to confiscate any alcohol brought into the boathouse or to evict the organiser or guests in such a case.

As YYRC is a sports Club, spirits are not a regular item on the list of alcohol available.


YYRC must be made aware of any planned entertainment or performances at the function. YYRC reserves the right to reduce the volume of any entertainer or performance, in keeping with venue and precinct requirements.

YYRC reserves the right to control and limit performance timings / sessions / sets in accordance with venue and precinct requirements. No live animals are permitted in the venue.


YYRC reserves the right to refuse the supply of alcohol to patrons who appear to be intoxicated. YYRC reserves the right to ask intoxicated or disorderly patrons to leave the premises at any time.

YYRC reserves the right to request proof of identification before serving alcoholic beverages to guests. All alcohol service ceases at 12.00am.

Special effects

YYRC must be notified of any smoke or special effect equipment to be used during a function.

No pyrotechnic effect is to be used. Should the fire brigade or other emergency services be called in response to an alarm set off by unauthorised equipment the organiser will be liable for all charges incurred.

Notice of cancellation

In the event of a cancellation, the following terms will apply:

  •     YYRC requires written notice of any cancellation or postponement.
  •     A cancellation fee is payable as follows where the event is cancelled:
    • More than 21 days prior to the event date, a fee of 10% of the value of the booking applies;
    • Between 14 days prior to the event date, a fee of 50% of the value of the booking applies; and
    • Less than 7 days prior to the event date, the fee is 100% of the value of the booking.


All prices are current and subject to change without notice. GST is included.


  •     A deposit being $1000 is required to confirm any booking.
  •     A bond of $500 is required in the form of either cash or credit card details. Any breakages or damage will be deducted from the bond.
  •     Final payment must be received 14 days prior to the event. If a beverage package is selected, final numbers must be given at this time. A small variation is allowable, but no refund is due if numbers are less.
  •     The contract signatory is personally liable to pay all monies in full to YYRC. Where the invoice has been addressed to another person, company or entity, personal liability remains the responsibility of the contract signatory. The signatory is required to be at the function throughout the duration of the function and is required to be the last guest of the Club to leave the function.
  •     The preferred payment method is by Direct Deposit.
  •     No personal cheques are acceptable by Yarra Yarra Rowing Club unless previously arranged with the treasurer.
  •     YYRC accepts Visa and MasterCard.

COVID-Safe Guidelines

  • Event organiser and attendees must be fully vaccinated (sited by Venue Hire Manager or Bar Staff on arrival), or have a medical exemption.
  • Patrons must Check-in via the QR Code upon entry, and remain seated except when ordering at the bar or accessing the toilets.  

Please refer to Yarra Yarra's Covid Info page for the latest requirements regarding Covid-Safe functions.


A deposit must be received by YYRC within a time period specified by the Venue Hire Coordinator and the Treasurer. If YYRC is holding space on a client’s behalf and a deposit is not received within the specified agreed period then, YYRC reserves the right to cancel the booking and allocate the space to another client.

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