Yarra Yarra Rowing Club

Junior Under 18 Membership


Yarra Yarra offers a Junior Membership for school students under 18 years of age looking to build on existing rowing experience. 

Our Junior Membership is designed for school students 18 years and younger who are looking to continue their rowing development based on specific goals and needs. The focus is on on-water technique, boat handling skills, individual fitness, and building confidence in a competitive environment.  

Squad coaching and cross training is available to all members.


The rowing season

The competitive season commences with long distance head races from October through to December. Racing then moves into standard course distances of 1km and 2km from January until March, with Grade racing culminating at the State and National Championships. 


The social side

Yarra Yarra runs a range of social events throughout the year which all members are welcome to attend, including balcony BBQs, dinners, post regatta get togethers and awards presentations.