Yarra Yarra Rowing Club

Safety and Incident Reporting

Safety First

Report an Incident

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club takes safety seriously. Ensuring our members, other users of the river, and our resources are safe is our priority. 

Boats and equipment

The Club ensures that all equipment used for rowing is properly maintained and safe for use. Individual members are responsible for checking their equipment prior to going on the water, if equipment is found to be malfunctioning it should be reported to the Captain.

  • Bow balls - The bows of racing and training boats shall be protected with a solid rubber ball (no less than 4 cm diameter) attached to the bow.
  • Fitted shoes - Boats with “fitted” shoes should have properly adjusted heel restraints.
  • Oars - The “buttons” on sweep and scull oars must be tightened and secured at the appropriate setting.


During times of poor visibility and between the hours of sunset and sunrise, all coaches on bikes and boats shall be fitted with appropriate lighting for the safety of everyone on the river.  

  • YYRC requires all Club boats to use 360 degree lights both stern and bow, as approved by the Club.
  • The bow light should have a continuous white light and be visible in clear conditions from a distance of 1 kilometre.
  • The stern light should have a flashing white light, flash at least once per second, and be visible in clear conditions from a distance of 1 kilometre.