Yarra Yarra Rowing Club


Sponsorships and Donations to Yarra Yarra Rowing Club

Supporters and sponsors are invited to contact us for opportunities to bring to life our vision, to share our passion for rowing, and to contribute to the Club. 


The Club benefits from donations made directly to the Club, or through the Australian Sports Foundation. If you choose to make a donation through the ASF, then any donation of more than $2 will be tax deductible. This is the only method of making a tax deductible donation to YYRC. 

Donations made through the Australian Sports Foundation can be done online by clicking here.


For more information on sponsorhip opportunities, please contact the President at info@yyrc.com.au.

Equipment Renewal Programme

Our equipment renewal programme was established to raise funds for boats, oars and rowing equipment, so as to ensure the fleet remains of the highest standard and continues to meet the requirements of all cohorts of our active members, as we continue to grow our athlete capacity. You can donate to this programme through the ASF

All donations are greatly appreciated by all at YYRC and we thank you for supporting the Club.